green with envy (and cilantro mignonette)

For several days now I’ve been beguiled by The Cheeky Chef.

Ever since her account of oyster frenzy at the John Dory, I’ve been in serious need of an oyster fix. In fact, I’ve been in serious need of an oyster fix ever since my Memorial Day excursion to Cape Cod–can you believe there was no oyster indulgence my entire time there? A crime, I know–but certainly not my decision.

So I was walking by the Ace Hotel the other day & realized, “Crisis averted, I have nowhere to be and an oyster bar to my left.”

Now, I really only know enough about oysters to know that Wellfleet are the best I’ve ever had. With several options available, I decided I should get to know the briny brethren a little better, so I opted for a few east cost varieties and a few west coast. What I learned was I should stick with east coast and that Wellfleet (from Massachusetts) are still the best I’ve ever had. Oysters from the east coast are simply brinier, sweeter and on the whole, more flavorful than their western counterparts.

For now at least, my cravings have been calmed & I’d totally recommend the John Dory Oyster Bar for an afternoon nibble or a quick cocktail. However, I just read that Wellfleet season ends in July so I’d better sign off and find a few more before the long wait til September…..according to Chef’s Resources, they’re only unavailable for the month of August. I always knew August was a stupid month.