things i’ve made lately

I really thought this dish was going to be awful.

I mean, it’s basically a lamb meatloaf, so I’m not sure why I was skeptical. The idea of stuffing a meatloaf with the same basic mixture as the loaf itself did not inspire thoughts of amazing deliciousness. But, it was requested, so I made it (though I did add cumin & nutmeg, as per the reviews’ suggestions and I added diced celery to the filling.)

The results were far superior to my imaginings: bulgur in the outer layer gave the meatloaf a nutty, crusty exterior that gave way to the sumptuous lamby center, embellished by toasty, rich pine nuts. Served atop panzanella and topped with ricotta, mixed with mint and grated garlic–it makes a super-star summer supper. Baked Kibbeh

Next up: Whey biscuits. And because it would be frowned upon if I ate a meal of only biscuits, I tossed cantaloupe with dried cherries and labne bi zyat (an aged yogurt cheese, marinated in olive oil) and I tossed snow peas with olive oil and shaved garlic. Then I balanced the plate on a gated window sill to try and get a worthy picture (oh, the joys of NY lighting). Alas, for some reason, my biscuits look as though they burned.

Finally, a redemption of the flavorlessness that was. My ceviche consisted of lemon sole, lime zest & juice, grapefruit zest & juice, cilantro, oregano, mango, fennel and jalapeno. I served it in big scoops atop thick sliced yellow tomatoes and with slivered, toasted whole wheat tortillas.

A revelation, a redemption and a biscuit. All in all, a good week of eating.