Where to now, Bobo?

The day has come. I have graduated from culinary school. Now is the time I should be entertaining various offers from illustrious food purveyors. Weighing the pros and cons of whether I should travel to Thailand or Argentina to get a taste of regional cuisines and broaden my cooking spectrum.

In reality, here I sit. I’m told that this time of year is the worst to get into a restaurant. It makes sense–the less dedicated rush off to visit families for the holidays and the low-guy-on-the-totem-pole sticks around because he has no choice. Thus, remaining both extremely busy and very lonely.

I started cooking school with a very vague idea of where I wanted to go following the 9th month stint. I figured that some revelation would hit as I was butchering and roasting and sauteing and cocotting. Now that I’ve completed my time there and worked two trails (interviews), at restaurants with great reputations, my vague idea has turned into nothing more than a vague notion. I may have learned a few skills but I have no idea how I want to put them to use.

And so, I continue my blog, in hopes that the aforementioned revelation will finally dawn.

An epilogue: I won the award for best menu project. Which is great. The menu project, in essence, was our thesis project: At least 4 courses with beverage pairings, the costing of a single course (meaning what would this sell for in a restaurant), preliminary illustrations and final pictures of finished plates, process shots of one course, an essay on how each course fits into our theme and a brief history of one main ingredient. The school touted all along about how there was a great prize to be won at graduation for the student with the best project. I got a book. A book on technique. Technique that I’d just spent nine months learning. Apparently, it’s the recognition that counts–at least that’s what I’m told.

Anyway, here is my menu, other sections of my project will be posted subsequently.



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