Everything I Need to Know I’m Learning a la Minute…

Eventually, you will give in to peer pressure. My suggestion is to simply stop trying to resist it; probably, your peers have a better scope of your life than you do anyway.

And so it is that I have begun a new track: culinary school. For years family and friends have suggested that I look into it, yet I’ve always been hesitant–thinking of cooking as a mere hobby. Now, my hobby has become the thing occupying most of my time. If I’m not practicing the fussy French cuts or attempting a technique demo-ed in class, then I am studying for my upcoming test (tonight!) or writing an essay–something I didn’t expect from culinary school.

A note on essays: one would assume that at the age of 31 the time for computers crashing when one has an essay due the next morning at 9am a thing of the past. Not so.

Thus, this blog could take a turn for the educational. I promise to not bore you with tales of the precise measurements and pronunciations of those aforementioned cuts. I vow not to deride you when you neglect to degorge your bones before neglecting to whip up your own homemade stock. I will see to it that, although I’m being bombarded with every classic French dish that ever was, my readers continue to sail the seas of the adventurous and only use recipes as inspiration points. I will, however, regale you with the dishes I make that are better than anything you’ve ever done. (Hopefully.)

I hope you’ll wish me luck & that you’ll say a prayer that I suffer fewer cuts and burns than my classmates.



  1. Bon Voyage, Joe. You will do exceedingly well in culinary school as you have with all your endeavors. You are a multi-talented person and I feel you are embarking on a path that you will find rewarding creatively and , someday, make a wonderful living at as well.

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