the dregs

So, I really think you should follow my advice and pipe any leftover meringue straight into your mouth.

It’s delicious.

However, if you’re not so inclined, you can make meringues.

Throw all your leftover meringue in a ziplock, snip the tip, and pipe into rosettes or crosses or whatever shape you want. Get creative. I wish I’d thought to be more creative, but I just did rosettes.

Of course you can just dollop them straight from the bowl if you don’t feel like ziplocking it. You can also add more flavor. For mine, I sifted in a tablespoon of cocoa and a teaspoon of real cinnamon.

A note about real cinnamon: my mother found it at The Spice House in Chicago. Most of the cinnamon we get in America is cassia, which is fine; but, true cinnamon, aka ceylon, is like cinnamon but with more depth and a slightly smoky essence. It’s really fantastic in all of cinnamon’s savory turns, and it adds a bit of ‘hey, what’s that extra oomph!?’ to the sweets. You can buy some Ceylon here.

Throw them in a 200 degree oven for about 3 hours then leave them in the oven until they’re cool. If they soften up, you can just throw them back in a low oven for several minutes. If you have some leftover icing lying around, or even some Nutella, you can spread it on, make sandwiches and then, BOOM, you have macarons–the chi chi sweet snack of the moment.

You’re welcome.


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