help is on the whey

Apparently I had another whey pun in me. I apologize.

Two nights ago I was invited to a dinner party for the following evening. Asked to bring a dessert, I knew I would need something easy to transport that could hang out in my office throughout the workday and still be ever as impressive as the night it was prepared.

Trouble is, I was home, didn’t feel like going out & hadn’t prepared for this entreaty. I grabbed a binder from my shelf. In it are collected recipes: things I’ve torn from magazines but never made, family heirlooms (cause recipe cards are totally heirlooms) scrawled from my mother and page upon page of other food and cooking related miscellany.

I thumbed through the dessert section and happened upon Raspberry Buttermilk Cake from Gourmet 2009.

Although I had no raspberries on hand, nor any buttermilk, I didn’t balk for a second. I always have blueberries in the fridge for my morning cereal & since I’ve been making my own yogurt, a container of whey is never far behind.

As I’ve said before, whey can be used in practically any recipe as a buttermilk substitute. My only other changes: an addition of lemon zest &  just 1 T of sugar in the raw to sprinkle on top. Delicious, spongy and light, it’s a great summer cake that leaves an almost refreshing lingering aroma on your taste buds.

The berries all sank to the bottom, but being a rather thin cake, that didn’t really matter. Plus it served to form a sort of blueberry crust–an unexpected circumstance, but a delicious one.


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