here today….or maybe here tomorrow

I did not join a CSA this summer.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the quality I received last summer & I had planned on joining Basis Good Food to You but the scheduling hasn’t been convenient as yet this season. Thus, I jumped at the chance last week when Groupon offered a sample box of organic vegetables from Farm Share Ltd. for just $25.

Farm Share Ltd. will only deliver to those with 24 hour doorman access as the deliveries are made anywhere from 4pm through the following morning. Because of this, I had the delivery sent to my work address, not knowing if I should expect my package Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.

Conveniently it was at my office door upon my arrival Wednesday (no telling how long it had been sitting there) and the swiss chard and green leaf lettuce inside were anxiously teetering on full wilt. Nothing else to do, I stashed what I could into the office fridge (a dorm-sized mostly waste of space) and bided my time til I could head home and salvage.

Today’s tip: If you have semi-wilted greens, they can be revived by filling a sink or pot or bowl with cold water and ice. Let the greens rest in the ice bath for a while, even overnight in the fridge. If you’re lucky, they’ll get some pluck back. Mine did.

Still, I went ahead and served up the chard that night, sautéed with garlic scrapes, favas, lemon juice, basil and radish greens. Alongside, cornbread and a quick salad of pickled cherries, slivered almonds and bacon marmalade.

Not the prettiest plate in Brooklyn, but maybe the tastiest.



  1. I too have been reluctant about CSAs – mostly because I enjoy shopping for food myself. But I love the challenge of making do with what you receive in a given week – you certainly rose to the challenge here!

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