unused, but not unloved

So maybe you bought too much cilantro for taco night…

Maybe you haven’t trimmed your garden in a while and suddenly realize your mint runneth over…

Maybe one of your besties went to LA for a month and bestowed upon you all of her unused herbs…

Maybe your refrigerator–like mine–is packed with fresh herbs in dire need of use. If so, do what I did & make an herb paste.

All you do is finely mince all the herbs you have. Seriously–don’t worry about what they are. (Though, you might want to worry about the quantities of strong herbs vs. milder ones.) Here I have rosemary, parsley, cilantro, chives, oregano & mint. Mix it with just enough olive oil to make a paste, a splash of sherry vinegar (or whatever acid you have on hand) and pinch of salt and pepper & then put a dollop on top of anything.

Pork sausage burgers with sweet potato hash browns, pan-seared london broil, pork chops, salmon. The best part is, the protein will warm it up and the juices will mix with your paste and coat the greens you use as base on your plate.

Grass-Fed Burgers with Fennel Lentils & Herb Butter

FYI, if you’re out of good olive oil you can do the same thing with butter or even a semi-soft cheese.
And now, a tip on keeping your herbs longer:

Rinse fresh herbs in tepid water and then shake them off. If they’re really wet, maybe give them a ride in the salad spinner (or lay them out so they dry for a bit). Otherwise, spread evenly on a few paper towels so you have one layer-ish of herbs. Roll up tightly, like a paper towel herb burrito and place in a zip-top bag, making sure to squeeze out the air. Then, keep it in the crisper. Also, reuse said bag for your next herb extravaganza.

Another tip: The Prepara Herb Saver works wonderfully. I’ve had a rosemary bunch in mine for about a month now.


One comment

  1. Thank Kenneth for turning me onto this blog. Well done.

    And you have a pickling friend in me. I pickled green beans last week, and peppers the week before.

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