can you hear me now?

Take Steps. Be Heard.

That is the catchphrase for The Crohn’s & Colitis Walk. I don’t really understand how the phrase applies. I mean, sure “take steps” because it’s a walk; but “be heard?” We weren’t given a chant or told to solicit people or anything. I don’t think passers-by could really even hear our steps b/c it was a pretty evenly paced stroll.

I suggested they change it to Kayaking for Colitis, because kayaking is more fun than walking and I like alliteration.

To my friends: I'm sorry you can only enjoy this photo of things delicious, yet not the contents therein.

In all seriousness though, Crohn’s and Colitis are terrible afflictions in need of greater funding & research. If you’d care to donate, click here. I believe Crohn’s is a disease worthy of a food blog due to the pitiable circumstance that those affected can’t eat fresh berries or nuts (among other things). And that’s sad because without berries and nuts, a yogurt parfait is just a cup of yogurt. And that’s not nearly as interesting.


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