I think that’s what I’m going to name the strawberry.

I rushed out too quickly this morning to check him again, but I belive in my heart that he’s doing well. However, telling you about Herbert has inspired me to share the rest of the herbal gang with you:

Maybe I’m being impatient, but I wish they’d grow faster. I’ve been researching ways to encourage herbs to fill out, but I’m not sure the pinching is really working. I have 2 or 3 of each of these, but still when I want to use them, I barely have enough & then must wait several days before I’m able to harvest again.

I inserted Miracle-Gro Indoor Spikes when I first planted, and it’s probably time to refresh them. I know I should have opted for an organic/food specific potting supplement; but, when I was shopping for supplies I realized I’d spent all my cash at the Farmer’s Market & the lovely lady at my local flower shop in fact gave me the spikes gratis.

Any tips from fellow urban herbists?



  1. We have a little container garden. As for herbs, we pretty much just plant ’em, water ’em, and give ’em lots of sun. I don’t usually start harvesting right away. After a few weeks, things are growing more rapidly and I can harvest pretty much whenever I want.

    So my advice is pretty much, “Patience, grasshopper.” Have fun!

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