more exciting than the masses realize

I am growing a strawberry!

So, backtracking, I bought my usual array of spring herbs about a month ago. I’ve not been uber successful at herb-growing & haven’t found a way to make my “herb garden” last more than one season. This allows me to change it up & this year I went with lemon thyme, basil, ‘mojito’ mint & cilantro (although when I got home and sat on my fire escape to get to planting I realized they’d given me parsley instead–which is fine b/c I’ll use it & while cilantro is one of my favorites, it’s also been one of my least successful). On impulse, I then grabbed a small, three-leaved strawberry plant on the way out.

The morning after planting, to my shock and horror my strawberry plant had been ripped from its new home–likely by squirrels–and strewn across my fire escape. Since the tender roots hadn’t been thoroughly absconded, I decided to replant a bit deeper and cover the top layer of soil with used coffee grounds as I’d read that strawberries like a highly acidic environment; something I hoped the squirrels did not. Weeks went by, nothing, except that someone chewed off a bit of leaf…

Then, two days ago: Look at the little guy!

 And then yesterday:Same berry, more blush.

Now, I’m pretty excited about this, cause I figured the top of my planter was just going to boast 3 weakling leaves for the duration of summer. Stay tuned to find out if I get enough for a cobbler, or at least a yogurt topper, or more likely, that asshole squirrel comes back and yanks my fledgling fruit.



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