trouble in paradise

I would love to share with you the loveliness and goings-on of my Cape Cod vacation. The steep hills of brush dropping down to a seaweed laden beach, deposits of the most gorgeous mottled stones and the hazy sea, extending to the world beyond.

Unfortunately, my musings will have to suffice because I forgot to bring the cable connector for my camera, so those gorgeous shots will have to wait to reach their viewing audience.

As far as the food: one day down and we’ve already devoured my home-made “chex” mix. I suppose I shouldn’t rightfully call it that, considering I didn’t use any of the namesake cereal, though I do use the recipe from the Chex box for the spice mix, with a bit of a riff.

I first place a sprig of rosemary on a roasting pan and then 6T butter atop. The butter melts in the low oven, infusing and falling in love with the rosemary beneath. Once the butter is melted, I sprinkle the traditional spice mix on: 1 1/2t  seasoned salt,  3/4t  garlic powder, 1/2t onion powder, & 2T Worcestershire. I also add 1/8t of cayenne for extra kick. Then I set that in the 250* oven to get acquainted. Next you add 12 cups of stuff. And by stuff I mean whatever your heart desires. This batch included Cascadian Farm Multi Grain Squares, Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfulls (my favorite b/c they are slightly sweet & combine with the spice to form a magic dance on your tongue), Pretzel Nuggets, Nature’s Promise Cheese Crackers, New York Style Risotto Chips, jumbo cashews and lightly smoked almonds. Toss that all with the buttery spices and roast for 45 minutes, tossing every 15. What you end up with is a mixed bag of toasty, sweet, spicy, crisp, saltiness. The rosemary basically dries out and as you toss the fronds flake off. When you grab a handful and toss it back, you’ll suddenly bite into a bit of floral deliciousness. Your guests will stop for a minute, wonder what just happened then go back for another handful. This batch was supposed to last all weekend. Alas, guess we’ve got to high-tail it to the market for more snacky provisions.


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